DMC Walking

Many of the club members combine lots of activities as part of their club life. Walking is one of the major activities of the club which involves everyone, one way or another. Every club meet at one of our weekends away there is an opportunity to walk in the beautiful countryside where you can explore the Lake District, North Wales, Scotland from the comfort of one of the many climbing and mountaineering club huts available. Each month the club rents one of these as the base for walking, climbing etc as desired. Have a look at the previous meet reports to get a flavour of what we get up to.

As with all of the activities the members partake in there is a variety of abilities and from the walking point of view, fitness and speed. Some walk at a speed more akin to jogging than walking whilst others prefer a more sedate pace. Some prefer taking paths and others prefer rough ground off the beaten track. Whatever your style or preference there is bound to be a level at which you will be comfortable.

The DMC Big Walk - Derwent Watershed (short) - 24th November 2013

This year Mike had organized the DMC “extreme” walk as the short version of the classic Derwent Watershed, which takes the logical circuit clockwise around the reservoirs starting from Ashopton viaduct over the Ladybower reservoir. At nearly 40km and including the most featureless sections of the Bleaklow moors, it would still be a tough walk for a late November day and unlike similar walks in recent years there are no road crossings, so we wouldn’t have the benefit of bacon butties en route.

Derwent Watershed 2013 by Chris Radcliffe
Derwent Watershed 2013 by Chris Radcliffe
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The DMC Big Walk - Edale Skyline - 25th November 2012

As with many outdoor activities in November, the weather dictates and the forecast for Sunday 25th November 2012 was not looking good. Most had sussed out that it was probably going to rain and get a bit better later. Despite the forecast and several half hearted attempts to withdraw before the event, a respectable number (16 walkers + 2 support) turned out to brave the weather, suitably dressed for the occasion with full waterproofs and gaiters.

Edale Skyline 2011 by Colin Harper
Edale Skyline 2011 by Colin Harper
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