News and Articles from 2017

Night Navigation

by Sally Newton

On Wednesday 18th January 26 people participated in an urban Night navigation event in Matlock.

The event was started from the Sycamore pub, and the participants had to find 30 points using a 1:5000 map. The route was down to the group but most did between 8 -10 km depending on their route choice.

The weather was kinder to us this year compared to last, during the Wirksworth Urban night navigation when the heavens opened for the whole three hours, the evening was chilly and a little foggy but not wet.

All had to be back at the Thorn Tree Pub by 10pm with their answers, some debate was had re where the circles had been marked on the map (3mm out in one case eeek!)

Everyone enjoyed the event and were ‘buzzing’ when they arrived back, some competitiveness was demonstrated and the majority got correct answers and completed the course.

Well done everyone. Thank you for supporting the event in such numbers.

Sunday Walk - 22nd Jan

by Sally Newton

Eight people turned up on what started being a lovely day.

We started the walk from Upper Booth in the Edale valley, walked through the fields to Crowden Clough. The weather was fine until the start of the scramble up the stream. When it started to snow, We clambered up the clough but had to abandon the steepest part as it was iced over and we did not have the appropriate equipment. We did not do the squeeze at the top because of the ice. Unfortunately the fog had come in so instead of going to Kinder Scout or the downfall we changed direction and walked along the edge past the Woolpacks which were quite eerie in the foggy snowy light.

We followed the path round to the top of Jacobs Ladder where we had a quick lunch ducking down behind an wall out of the wind. We completed the day going over Brown Knoll which has now been fully paved, (Mike informs us that each flagstone cost £75-£90 each and then there are the personnel and helicopter costs, but if this stops extreme erosion it is worth it). We dropped down to Dalehead and back to the cars by 3pm.

A good day was had by all, thank you for supporting the day event, and hopefully we will have more on our next weekend or day walk.

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